455 ZX Wheel Loader

The new JCB 455 ZX wheel loader is designed to offer power and productivity in some of the most challenging environments on earth. That means it’s been stress-tested, climate-tested and fitted with only the finest components.

It’s also easily serviceable to maximise its working life, supremely comfortable to operate, and highly efficient on any site. So you can see that this new JCB wheeled loading shovel represents a great business decision.

A Quality Process

Purpose- designed and built to cope with the most demanding sites on earth, the new JCB 455 ZX wheel loader offers premium quality and reliability. The processes JCB have used in its design and manufacture will ensure that work goes on hour after hour, day after day.

Productive Performance

No matter where in the world you’re operating, the new JCB 455 ZX wheel loader will perform great feats of productivity. It’s engine offers high power and torque, while its hydraulics and loader end are set up to keep cycle times short and working shifts long.

Comfortably Superior

Keeping operators fresh and alert all day long results in increased safety and productivity. With that in mind, the new 455 ZX’s cab is roomy, easy to access and quiet. It also has excellent visibility and an intuitive, ergonomic control layout.

Low Maintenance Long Intervals

JCB recognises that wheeled loading shovels need to spend the maximum amount of time hard at work for you. JCB has designed the new 455 ZX wheel loader to do just that, with long service intervals and quality components.

Efficient by Design

The new JCB 455 ZX wheel loader is designed to move more material for less. To achieve this, we’ve built the engine, axles, driveline and hydraulics to work in perfect harmony with each other for ultimate efficiency.

Drive Safely

It’s essential to keep worksites safe at all times so the new JCB 455 ZX offers great visibility, non-slip surfaces, air filtration and many more features to protect your machinery, your operations and bystanders alike.

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455 ZX Wheel Loader features

Award winning JCB DieselMAX 7.2 litre, six cylinder engine
The latest generation ZF powershift transmission
New ZF power inch (intelligent clutch cut-off as standard)
Long service intervals and simplified, centralised maintenance
All-day comfort, excellent visibility and ergonomic controls
Variable displacement pumps for ultimate efficiency

455 ZX Wheel Loader downloads

455ZX Brochure & Specification

Quick Spec

Max engine power
Operating weight
Bucket Capacity