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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Machines purchased at auctions outside of Australia are sold ‘as seen, no warranty given or implied.’ The default warranty will not be valid even if the machine has been previously despatched from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This is because the machine has not been sold through the authorised channels.

To avoid this happening to you, steer clear of grey market imports to avoid liability.


What is a Grey Market Import?

A Grey market import is a machine sold by someone other than the OEM. These machines are privately imported without the knowledge of the OEM. These machine machines may not be built and tested to meet the unique regulatory requirements and environment conditions in Australia.



Although grey market machines can be cheaper to purchase, they can’t be legally used in Australia because they don’t meet Australian safety standards. Features like ROPS, FOPS, hose burst protection, state-of-the-art engines and hydraulic systems are standard on JCB machines when manufactured for the Australian market. When it comes to JCB telehandlers, compliant load charts can only be supplied to AS 1418.19 compliant machines.



Every machine delivered through an authorised dealer has a compliance plate and certificate of test that meets the Australian Standard AS1418-19. Grey market importers leave it up to the customer to contact the machine manufacturer to try and obtain a certificate of compliance after the delivery is made. Extensive modifications to the machine may be required to make the machine compliant. Most times machines cannot be made compliant and a certificate of compliance may never be issued. This leaves the customer with a machine they can’t use.



Another problem encountered by people who purchase grey market machines is a lack of readily available parts, which can cause significant problems when the machine requires servicing or if the machine breaks down. Often grey market imports use outdated technology or parts that are not available in Australia.

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