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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Today JCB CEA unveils the new 3CX Compact PLUS model, offering enhanced attachment compatibility to undertake a range of new applications including landscaping and other high performance construction duties.

New features of the model includes:

  • Varispeed transmission to enable travel speed to be set independently of hydraulic flow
  • Single front loader lever
  • Auto 2/4 wheel steer alignment

The 3CX Compact PLUS offers constant auxiliary flow of 70 litres per minute, allowing a continuous supply of hydraulic oil to the loader attachment and enabling easier operation of attachments such as sweeper collectors or brooms for prolonged periods to minimise driver fatigue. In addition, the VariSpeed transmission now empowers the operator to control machine speed and engine speed independently to maximise attachment performance while limiting travel speed.

These new features are enhanced with ergonomic improvements including the replacement of twin loader levers with a simple single lever to control front loader applications. A new periscope mirror provides a clear close-up view of the newly fitted skid steer loader quick coupler and quick release couplings, making it quick and easy to interchange attachments hydraulically from within the cab as well as improving application visibility and performance.


The JCB 3CX Backhoe

JCB launched the innovative 3CX Compact in 2015, delivering big machine performance for confined job sites. At just 1.9 metres wide and 2.74 metres high, the machine is perfect for road resurfacing and repair contractors, utilities, groundworkers and municipalities working in the confines of congested urban areas.


The 3CX Road Master Backhoe

Earlier this year, JCB CEA introduced the JCB 3CX Road Master backhoe. This game changing solution is suitable for use in road surfacing, resealing and maintenance applications.

The JCB 3CX Road Master backhoe loader offers exceptional safety for construction workers and pedestrians because it travels forward for the majority of operations especially when sweeping/collecting material. Skid steer loaders currently perform this function in a reverse direction which limits visibility. The JCB concept allows for predictability of movement, use of current skid steer loader attachments, heavy duty front and rear profilers and enables conventional front loader functionality.

For more information on backhoe loaders please contact your local dealer on 1300 522 232.


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