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Friday, June 14, 2019

The JCB 3CX Road Master backhoe is a game changing solution. This backhoe is suitable for use in road surfacing, resealing and maintenance applications.

The JCB 3CX Road Master backhoe loader offers exceptional safety for construction workers and pedestrians because it travels forward for the majority of operations especially when sweeping/collecting material. Skid steer loaders currently perform this function in a reverse direction which limits visibility. The JCB concept allows for predictability of movement, use of current skid steer loader attachments, heavy duty front and rear profilers and enables conventional front loader functionality.



The Road Master Backhoe has a large, heavy duty bucket that is designed to handle road works. The JCB 3CX Road Master is not reliant on the sweeper housing to perform the tasks of the bucket.

Forward moving machines offer better visibility and reduce the risk to construction workers and pedestrians. The JCB 3CX Road Master is able to travel forward when collecting debris due to the uniquely designed sweeper collector arrangement.

When handling a heavy load the JCB Road Master has more stability and reach than a skid steer loader.



Backhoe weight distribution allows for heavy duty front profiling up to 600mm wide and to 150mm deep combined with 300mm width and 100mm depth on the rear.

The rear mounted profiler can be used when the machine is static and eliminates the need to constantly drive in and around road ironworks and furniture. The backhoe loader is ideal for narrow lane cross cuts within 1900mm which is the width of the machine.

The JCB 3CX Road Master backhoe loader will increase productivity when the front sweeper/ collector is utilised concurrently with the rear profiler reducing the requirement for attachments swap overs.



The JCB 3CX Road Master backhoe loader can travel up to 40kph and has a three range hydrostatic transmission with superb dial up creep speed to control the front profiler.

The operator environment is comfortable and functional with an LCD screen menu that allows the operator to understand the multi-function controls.

The JCB 3CX Road Master backhoe loader offers productivity, versatility and above all else safety and predictability around job sites. We invite you to look closer at this new innovative product for the Safer Way Forward.

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