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Monday, May 6, 2019

Coffs Harbour Christian Community High School (CHCCHS) purchased a 4 tonne excavator through their local JCB dealer, North Coast Construction Equipment (NCCE). According to Andrew Lynn, the Deputy Principle of CHCCHS, the JCB 4 tonne excavator is used to teach skills to students that have a very practical approach to learning.

 “We have found that the students have benefited immensely from our excavator training program, as it is develops practical skills and a real sense of confidence and achievement.” says Andrew. “The students are so proud of the fact that they can competently operate a significant piece of earthmoving machinery.”  

The high school follows the occupational health and safety legislation by teaching the students prestart and operational safety checks.

“We teach our students all of the standard safety procedures including being aware of your surroundings in order to avoid an accident,” says Andrew. “Our student learn the components and functions of a diesel engine and the hydraulic systems which control the machine”.   

He adds, “NCCE was able to help us to retrofit a radio controlled e-stop for our excavator. The e-stopper is fail safe, meaning that the receiver constantly talks to the transmitter and will shut down if the teacher presses the button on the radio control or walks away from the excavator.”  

The students are always supervised and can start logging hours on the excavator.

“Some of our students have logged up to 20 hours,” says Andrew, “It’s great for those students with aspirations of getting into landscaping or becoming machine operators.” 

He adds, “NCCE was able to retrofit flow restrictors so that we can put the excavator in training mode.” “We are able to increase the hydraulic pressure as the student improves.”

4 Tonne Excavators

JCB’s latest generation of 4 tonne excavators feature flat glass and 100% steel bodywork to minimise possible replacement costs.

With our class-leading greasing intervals of 500 hours, you can expect minimal downtime. Better still, our new monitor provides alerts on your excavator’s diagnostic status.

Engine revs reduce when the operator’s armrest is raised, improving fuel economy and noise levels. There’s a One-Touch Idle feature that conserves fuel too. Programmable auto idle, meanwhile, can be activated when the controls have been inactive for a period.

Control your 4 tonne mini’s engine speed for different hydraulic flows by simply cycling through four different power bands: Light, Eco, Heavy and Heavy Plus. This means you can tailor performance to any application.

The patented low-pressure return line circuit further improves fuel efficiency because the pump doesn’t need to overcome a very high pressure before work can start.

Load-sensing hydraulics are standard-fit on this mini digger. This innovative feature means that your hydraulics only consume power on demand, conserving fuel for when you need it most.


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