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Monday, December 3, 2018

Riverina Oils recently purchased the 426 HT wheel loader through their local JCB dealer, Cadmac Riverina. The new wheel loader has increased employee engagement and productivity. The operator is able to load each truck faster and has improved comfort and safety. 

With improved load time, each truck full of vegetable protein meal is loaded faster than ever before. The wheel loader is also used to load and unload large pits from a bunker.


Riverina Oils

Riverina Oils is a leading manufacturer of 100% Australian non-genetically modified canola oil. Their state-of-the-art facility in Wagga is a fully-integrated oilseed crushing and refining plant. Each day the factory has the potential to product over 200 tonnes of high quality refined vegetable oil for the food industry and 300 tonnes of premium vegetable protein meal each day for the poultry, dairy and animal feed industries.


426 HT Wheel Loader

The 426 HT wheel loader offers excellent all-round visibility, power and performance, high build quality, a good operator environment and ease of service.



JCB is committed to doing everything that can to reduce the risk of accidents so the 426 HT wheel loader is designed to give operators the best possible visibility all around the machine.

The 360° tinted glass cab allows the operator not only to spot almost all potential hazards, but also to view the load throughout its full lift range.


Power and performance

You need to move the maximum amount of material at the lowest possible cost.

A world class powertrain provides the power to move even the most demanding material. The 426 HT wheel loader boasts an air-to-air intercooled low-emission engine with electronically controlled fuel-injection system. This delivers high torque at a low engine RPM, enabling the operator to fill the bucket faster.

The 426 HT wheel loader features a fully automatic transmission. Normally the driver has to select the correct gear to ensure efficient fuel use. But with this system the correct gear is automatically and immediately selected ensuring the absolute maximum productivity and fuel efficiency, and prolonging the life of the machine.


High build quality

Every component of the 426 HT wheel loader has been carefully designed and manufactured to rigorous standards, ensuring long life, lower running costs and a high resale value.

The cast steel rear end (often of plastic fabrication on competitor machines) gives real strength and protects against significant damage, reducing operating costs. Full chassis belly guarding also protects the main driveline components from damage on the underside.

The 426 HT is built to cope with extremely demanding environments, but it can also be customised to meet the specific requirements of individual applications. For example, for waste applications a series of additional guards is available, including brake lines guards, extra belly guards, lift ram guards, cab screen guards, etc. And for load and carry operations, Smooth Ride Systems can be fitted, turning the arms into a form of suspension which allows them to float. The machine can then travel more quickly over the ground because shock loadings are not passed through the machine making it unstable, plus shock is not passed to loads through all the structures and systems.

A high-quality filtration system ensures no debris passes through the hydraulic circuit. This, along with highly adapted assembly procedures, ensures a long operating life.


Operator Environment

Central to the 426 HT wheel loader has been designed for the operator. With operators working for up to 12 hours a day, they need to be constantly alert and comfortable so they can be productive.

All the 426 HT wheel loaders controls are conveniently placed and incredibly easy to use. There’s a choice of single or multi-lever controllers – both allowing for consistent use with minimum fatigue. The single lever controller incorporates a forward/reverse switch that can be used without taking your hands off the steering wheel, while the multi-lever version is a switch located to the side. Both controllers feature gear-change and disconnect switches, and the latter speeds things up by transferring engine power to the hydraulics.



Easier access for operators and maintenance technicians ensures that the machine can be kept in the best condition, maintaining availability and productivity. Service intervals are every 500 hours.

Daily and weekly maintenance checks can be completed easily and safely by operators, thanks to ground-level checkpoints.

For more information on wheel loaders please contact your local dealer on 1300 522 232.



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