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Monday, November 5, 2018

Len Quagliata is a cane farmer and contractor based in Ayr in North Queensland. Len was looking for a tractor to transport 17 tonnes of sugar cane at 60kms per hour from the cane field to the rail siding (drop-off point) to be forwarded on to the mill.  Two JCB Fastrac 4220’s and two JWF transporters were purchased to move 75,000 tonnes of sugar cane per year.

The Fastrac 4220 is a brand new generation of tractor, raising the performance and productivity levels to new heights with seamless control, faster operating speeds, multiple implement mounting points and unique all-sound self-levelling suspension.

“The new CVT transmission in the 4220’s was one of the main reasons for purchasing the new model JCB.” says Len.

“The tractors are easy to drive and have far exceeded my expectations with the way they perform. The 4 wheel steering also gives greater mobility in tight situations, on farm,” he added. “The all-round independent hydraulic suspension gives the operator a far more comfortable ride than a standard tractor and the 4 wheel double disc calliper braking system raises the safety factor to an unprecedented level.”

Len recently purchased the Fastrac 4220 tractors from his local JCB dealer, Honeycombes in Ayr.

“I have been very impressed with the level of service I have received from the Honeycombes dealership,” said Len.


The New Generation Tractor

The all-new Fastrac 4220 tractor draws on more than 25 years of experience and expertise in design, development and manufacture of the world’s most versatile and comfortable tractor.

The Fastrac 4220 tractor is a stable and highly manoeuvrable platform for in-crop applications – all the more so with optional tighter turning four wheel steer and new RapidSteer for quicker, more efficient headland turns.

More power and better traction from larger tyres make the new Fastrac 4220 tractor a top performer in the field. It’s fast on the road and in the field with low engine revs: 60kph at just 1600rpm or drive for maximum fuel economy at 50kph with just 1400rpm on the clock (tyre dependent).

Three-point headland turns are a thing of the past with four-wheel steering; use the sub-10m turning circle to sweep round and get back to work quicker – it’s 40% faster and no interruption of drive reduces wear and tear.

Proven fuel efficiency and a generous supply of power up to 235hp (175kW) and torque up to 950Nm come from a new 6.6-litre, six-cylinder engine.

New CVT transmission ensures optimum use of power and torque, with seamless acceleration and power delivery, ideal speeds for every situation, and ultra-fine speed control for top-quality work with all implements.

For more information on tractors please contact your local dealer or call 1300 522 232.

  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    i quite like that goosehead coupling on the back of the JCB4220. What is maximum possible in gross weight? Or netto?

    kind regards,
    Andreas Kremmer

  2. Alexander hedberg says:

    Do you hade a broschure for all the options in the fastrac 4220. Becauese the goseneck is not in it😕

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