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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The JCB 435S wheel loader has won the Power Farming magazine award for farm loader of the year 2018. We’ve put together 8 reasons why the 435S took out the title.


1.      Farm Machinery

Most wheel loaders are designed for the construction market and can be adapted for the farm by changing the tyres. JCB has two different ranges – one is for the construction/ earthmoving industry and the other is designed specifically for the farm.

The 435S agri loader has greater performance to allow for farm conditions. This includes increased power outputs, a powershift transmission with more speeds and direct-drive torque converter lock-up.


2.      Power

The 435S wheel loader performs well on farms with operators wanting to load and unload material quickly. This agri loader weighs 13688kg with a maximum engine power of 172kW. This turns out to be a 12.6kW (16.8hp) per tonne power-to-weight ratio.

Fast cycle times are due to the powerful twin variable displacement piston pump hydraulics. The hydraulics circulate 264 litres/min making the wheel loader capable of working with large grass rakes to roll silage.

The 435S wheel loader has a class leading top speed of 52kph.


3.      Engine

The 435S wheel loader produces 169kW (230hp) @ 945Nm of torque at a low 1500 rpm.

The latest 435S wheel loader has an updated driveline and a Cummins Tier 4F 6.7 litre engine. The previous T4i engine required a diesel particulate filter.

According to Power Farming, this T4 final-compliant engine with SCR is the largest engine power offering in the market for this size loader.


4.      Transmission

The unique 6-speed transmission with torque convertor lock-up in every gear provides closer gear ratios for better acceleration, hill climbing and roading performance. The lock-up element eliminates losses from the torque converter for faster cycle times and improved efficiency.


5.      Available Locally

With more than 70 dealers throughout Australia, our customers have unparalleled access to our products, parts and service. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing that they have local support.


6.      Attachments

The high torque (HT) arm design on the 435S wheel loader gives great visibility on the loader end, as well as offering parallel lift, making it ideal for multi-attachment use. Constant torque throughout the full carriage rotation provides excellent power and attachment control. Choose a HT high lift on the 435S and you can use the machine for higher loading height applications (hopper, trailer and spreader loading).


7.      Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Automatic idle returns the engine to 700rpm after 30 seconds of inactivity. Eco Mode caps engine speed at 1800rpm for reduced fuel consumption.

JCB’s torque lock-up 6 speed transmission gives you up to 100% efficiency in all gears for improved fuel consumption. Closer gear ratios provide lower engine speed in each gear.

Wheel speed braking means the brakes rotate at the same speed as the wheels for heat and drag reduction, as well as improved fuel economy and access for maintenance and repairs.

Unloaded spool valves in the valve block mean that arms lower under gravitational, not hydraulic force, reducing fuel consumption.

JCB’s innovative variable displacement pumps feed a load-sensing valve block which only consumes power on demand, providing precise, efficient loader control.

No DPF means unnecessary additional fuel piping is eliminated as is the potentially dangerous temperatures involved in regeneration. The fuel that would have been needed to restore your DPF can be used instead for actual productive work.


8.      CommandPlus Cab

The 435S Wheel Loader has an intergrated rear view camera, 70dB(A) noise level, and the contractor pro with 360 LED lights.

JCB  the Command Driving Position, which boasts the very optimal control layout for a multitude of different driver shapes and sizes available, ranging from an air suspension standard seat to a super deluxe half leather seat, featuring fully adjustable heating and cooling functionality, electrically adjustable lumber support and adjustable dampers.


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