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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Webster recently purchased a JCB 2.5 tonne excavator through their local dealer Intersales Leeton. The mini excavator is currently being used for pipework on their Leeton walnut farm. An auger attachment is used to drill holes for fencing and gates.

Webster is Australia’s largest producer of premium walnuts, contributing to around 90 per cent of Australia’s annual walnut crop. Their operation begins with nursery production, developing their trees for planning, managing the orchards and growing the nuts. This is followed by harvesting, drying and packing.



Webster’s walnut operations are located in the Riverina at Leeton and Griffith, and also in Tasmania. All of the walnuts produced are processed in their facility in Leeton. Close working relationships between the orchard and processing facility guarantees the quality and traceability of Webster walnuts.

Webster’s walnuts have a reputation for being among the best in the world. Their walnuts are exported to Europe, the Middle East and Asia directly to end users and through major retailers. Webster’s walnuts have an enviable, award-winning reputation for being a safe, consistent and reliable producer and supplier of premium walnuts.


JCB’s 2.5 Tonne Excavator

The JCB 8025 2.5 tonne excavator offers a true zero tail swing. The zero tail swing makes it easy to move in confined spaces because there is no overhand on the tracks. Visibility in zero tail swing excavators is excellent and improves safety.

This compact excavator delivers on speed, power, productivity and stability.

This mini excavator is light enough to be towed behind a 3500kg towing capacity vehicle.

JCB’s 2.5 tonne excavator features a powerful 1.5 litre, 3 cylinder engine, giving you impressive tearout forces and high levels of tractive effort and tracking speeds. The undercarriage has been designed to give you ease of movement, safety and stability.

All of JCB excavators are ROPS and TOPS complaint.

Large doors give easy access to all service points and 500-hour engine oil service intervals. All daily checks can be conducted at the ground level.


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