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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Skid steer loaders are classified by their rated operating capacity (ROC). The ROC (not the Dwayne Johnson variety) is the weight a skid steer loader can safely pick up without flipping or nose diving and is established by the manufacturers testing to an international standard. 

JCB’s skid steers deliver on these factors at class leading levels. The two smallest open canopy skid steers, the 135HD and 155HD have ROC’s of 612kg and 703kg respectively.

Skid steers come in different sizes, weights and configurations. These are wheeled (skid steer loader), tracked (compact track loader), cab with air-conditioning, open canopy, radial lift or vertical lift, standard flow or high flow.

When deciding on a skid steer loader there are a few important factors to consider, including safety, comfort, visibility, productivity, strength, durability and the total cost of ownership.



When entering and exiting skid steers with conventional twin arm loaders you access the machine by stepping over the attachment and loader. JCB’s innovative left side door entry allows the operator an injury free entry and exit to and from the operator’s platform. Similar to how you would when entering and exiting a car.

Skid steers with conventional twin arm loaders have an emergency exit via the small rear window where you will need to climb over a hot engine area. The emergency exit from the JCB skid steer operator’s platform is via the large front screen opening.



JCB’s innovative single boom design provides an opportunity to improve the operator’s visibility of the work site. With a 270 degree field of vision, JCB skid Steers provide up to 60% better visibility than other brands.

JCB Skid Steer Visibility


Power and performance are essential features for any machine type and skid steer loaders are no exception. With matched powertrain components through the engine, transmission and hydraulics and loads of power for these classes of machines, the JCB 135HD and 155HD will surprise you with their performance and output.

They have a 95 litre fuel tank standard that provides huge uptime between fuel refills. This combination is a welcome feature when you’re working in remote areas where fuel has to be transported in.


Strength and Durability

The chassis and boom of JCB 135 HD and 155 HD are built strong and tough sharing the same IP as the models with a 1000kg Rated Operating Capacity. The single arm boom has 20% more high tensile strength steel compared with twin arm brand, ensuring a longer, more productive life. So confident are JCB in their boom design that every Skid Steer and Compact Track Loader has a 10 year / 5000 hour warranty.

Hydraulic servo controls for transmission and hydraulic functions ensure a simple, self-lubricating low cost durable controls platform.

The engine is equipped with an advanced fuel filtration system designed specifically for reliable operation in territories where fuel quality cannot be guaranteed. IP 67 and 69 electrics keep out water and dust protecting the machine in arduous environments.


Easy, Low Cost of Maintenance

There are only seven grease points on the machine and like all other JCB’s, the oil change intervals are 500 hours. The engine service points are accessed through a large rear solid robust steel door. When it comes to checking assemblies and components under the operator’s platform, JCB’s unique tilting cab design ensures easy access in less than a couple of minutes.

The 135 & 155HD machines come standard without the steel mesh on the door further improving visibility

The 135 & 155HD machines come standard without the steel mesh on the door further improving visibility

For more information on skid steers please contact your local dealer on 1300 522 232.



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