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Monday, June 18, 2018

A Grey market import telehandler is a machine sold by someone other than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). These telescopic handlers are privately imported without the knowledge of the OEM. The telehandlers sold by OEMs are designed and tested to meet the unique regulatory requirements and environment conditions in Australia.


Before buying a cheap telescopic handler it’s important to ensure your telehandler is complaint with Australian regulations. The key legislation you will need to consider is the Australian Standard AS 1418.19 which defines the design, testing and operational requirements for telehandlers in Australia. The Australian Standard AS1418.19 dictates inspection, maintenance and log book requirements. It is important to comply with all relevant Work Health and Safety/ Occupational Health & Safety acts, regulations and codes of practice.


Key Safety Features

All AS 1418.19 telescopic handler are required to be fitted with:

  1. An external boom angle indicator
  2. Lateral and longitudinal stability (bubble gauge)
  3. Telescopic boom indicators clearly marked and visible from the cabin
  4. Load charts which must include 1200mm long forks at 600mm load centre with the maximum permitted slope when lifting while stationary and will travelling.
  5. A longitudinal stability limiter fitted to the rear axle and is supported by a hydraulic cut out and an audio and visual alarm.
  6. A safety device fitted for attachments which could include a maximum capacity limiter or rated capacity limiter.
  7. If fitted with a man basket, the telescopic handler must have a safety devices which operate automatically, in- basket control, emergency manual recovery pump at ground level, 3 emergency stops (in the basket, cabin and external) and basked locking pin light sensors.

(Source: Telescopic handler association of Australia)


Other factors to consider before purchasing a grey market import telescopic handler include personal liability, aftermarket support and resale values.

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