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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

JCB pioneered the backhoe loader in 1953 introducing many innovative features to the market. In a rapidly changing world, JCB continues to evolve to meet consumer demands. The 3CX Compact is 35% smaller than a standard backhoe loader. Known as the ultimate tool carrier, it has the ability to pick up a wide range of backhoe and skid steer loader attachments.


Compact Size

Space is becoming a premium. That’s why the new 3CX Compact backhoe loader has been designed to give you big performance in a small area. This makes it perfect for urban working and restricted construction sites.

The 3CX Compact is 35% smaller than a standard backhoe loader. Ideal for the tightest urban applications with minimal disruption, due to the ability to road on site. At only 1.95m wide the 3Cx Compact is almost half a meter narrower than a standard backhoe (attachment dependent). And a 2.74m travel height allows the 3CX Compact to access much tighter spaces. The low height unlocks a whole new range of previously inaccessible work sites, such as low level buildings and basements.  Its narrow width makes the 3CX Compact idea for entering gardens, parks and small construction sites with restricted access.



The 3CX compact backhoe loader is not only designed for the vast range of tool carrier attachments, it also has the ability to pick up a wide range of skid steer loader attachments. Bi-directional pipework and a handheld tool circuit provide even greater versatility.

The 3CX compact can meet the needs of any application through a vast range of standard fit and optional equipment:

  • Front hydraulic quickhitch (2CX Mk II)
  • Power a wide variety of hand held tools thanks to the hand held tool circuit
  • 6 in 1 front shovel allows the machine to dig, doze, grab, grade, load and backfill
  • LED lighting pack provides excellent round the clock visibility
  • Front and rear auxiliary pipework provides power to a wide range of attachments.



The 3CX compact backhoe loader is the ultimate for manoeuvrability. Its tight turning circle and switchable steering modes allow it to work in a single carriageway with minimum disruption and maximum productivity. An impressive 5.8 metre turning circle (with applied brakes) allows the machine to turn a full 180 degrees in a single carriageway.

Switchable 2WS/4WS allows the operator to change between roading mode to site with ease.

A three speed 40kph hydrostatic transmission makes the 3CX Compact is powered by a high torque 55kW (77hp) JCB by Kohler engine that requires no after treatment keeping servicing costs and downtime to a minimum.


Operating Environment

A spacious cab with excavator controls provides optimum ease of use and controllability. This also helps to improve the operator’s seating position, which in turn makes it a lot more comfortable.

  • Three speed controls allow the correct speed to be selected simply at the touch of a button.
  • Excavator style controls are fitted as standard providing ease of use and controllability.
  • A fully adjustable suspension seat provides fatigue free all-day operation.
  • A front dash mounted display provides all the information when roading and loading.
  • A 12V auxiliary circuit for powering of useful accessories, such as mobile phones.
  • For ultimate customisation choose our optional SAW+-/ISO+ control pattern switch.


Strength and Durability

JCB’s legendary build quality and global brand help keep customer demand and machine residuals high. And the benefits of owning a new 3CX compact don’t stop there. We’ve used only proven reliable components on the 3CX Compact to maximise uptime and ensure that your machine spends as much time as possible earning you money.

A 40kph road speed eliminates the need to hire or purchase a lorry for transport.

Livelink is standard enabling you to monitor utilisation of your investment, fuel consumption and machine location.

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