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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The compact 525-60 agri telehandler is small enough to access older farm buildings with doorways under two-metres wide. With the best in class lift height of 6m and large lifting capacity of 2,500kg, it’s no wonder this telescopic handler is a farm favourite!



The 525-60 telehandler has class leading 360 degree visibility with a large roof screen, compact engine, a low sloping bonnet, full set of side mirrors as standard, low profile rear chassis and boom pivot, opening rear window, stable type door and lock-back. Lighting package options include two cab mounted front, rear and boom lights.


Quality, Reliability and Durability

JCB telescopic handlers undergo stringent testing programme has included prolonged high stress loading of the chassis, boom and other key components, as well as repeated transmission use over thousands of cycles.

You can be assured of long-term corrosion protection on a 525-60 telescopic handler because all JCB cabs are dipped in electrophoretic alloy before the painting process begins.

A one-piece fully welded chassis maximises strength and minimises weight. There are also large boom overlaps of up to 0.7m; the hydraulic cylinders have friction-welded eye-ends for extra strength; and all pivots use hardened pins.

Heavy-duty axle feet absorb the immense stresses generated during continuous heavy material rehandling, while keyhole castings hold the tilt and extension rams to further improve overall structural integrity.

We’ve fitted a tough inverted U-shaped boom pressing with fully welded closing plates. For extra strength, we’ve reduced the number of joints and stress points across our integrated boom nose and one-piece closing plate.



The 525-60 telehandler is compact with a height of 1.89m and a width of 1.84m. Expect excellent manoeuvrability with a compact wheelbase, large steering angles and a tight turning circle.

Operators can manoeuvre quickly and easily, with directional shuttle changes possible via either the shuttle lever on the steering column or the joystick mounted shuttle switch. For exceptional traction and performance in muddy conditions, JCB have fitted the 525-60 with 4WD as standard.

Hydrostatic transmission makes it easy for operators to achieve precise machine movements even in cramped spaces. The driveline works in parallel with the breaking system with the ability to transmission dump on the footbrake to increase power during loading and rehandling.

JCB’s two speed hydrostatic transmission allows operators to select high and low speeds. The low speed setting complied with building site speed regulations, while high speed is ideal for roading. Two-wheel steer is perfect for roading; four- wheel steer provides great manoeuvrability in tight spaces; and crab steer is design to edge your telescopic handler either close to or away from walls and buildings.



The 525-60 telehandler is great for loading and unloading heavy materials. This telescopic handler has a lift capacity of 800kg at 3.5m forward reach. A 6 metre lift height makes it safe and straightforward to place bricks onto a two storey building; lift capacity is 2500kg with the boom retracted or 1750kg at full height. You can choose from three manual or hydraulic quickhitch options: JCB Q-fit, compact tool carrier or skid-steer. With single or double auxiliary services, you can operate a sideshift function or hydraulic attachments easily.


Operator Environment

Large spacious automotive design cab with wide access door.

Comfort and productivity is maximised through;

  • Intuitive control and instrument layout
  • Single lever joystick controls
  • 7 speed fan heater with air-conditioning
  • Backlit high-resolution TFT screen
  • Tinted glass as standard reflecting 30% of the sun’s energy
  • Cab or canopy option to suit the environment

The JCB 525-60 compact telehandler has a large, spacious cab with a wide access door; inside, there’s a radio speaker and plenty of storage. Tinted cab glass is fitted as standard, reflecting 30% of the sun’s energy to increase comfort.

This compact telehandler has all-new instruments and a hi-res TFT screen. Intuitively laid-out control switches are backlit for optimum night recognition. You can also choose from a variety of seating options to suit all operators and applications.

So that you can tailor your telescopic handler for any climate, you can choose from canopy or cab options. Air conditioning is standard on all cabs, ensuring the perfect working environment.

Controlling a JCB 525-60 compact telehandler is comfortable, precise and smooth: there are single lever electro servo controls with proportional auxiliaries.

JCB’s proportional constant flow feature allows operators to programme different flow rates for different attachments.



JCB telescopic handlers offer unrivalled safety and security.

  • Innovative patented Adaptive Load Control
  • Reversing alarm
  • Hose burst check valves on boom lifting cylinders
  • Optional load guard on JCB Q-fit carriage
  • ROPS & FOPS certified cab
  • Seat safety cut-out switch to isolate control
  • Excellent visibility



Livelink telematics as standard enabling increased safety and security along with effective fleet management.



All daily checks and grease points are easily located at ground level on the JCB 525-60 compact telehandler.

With its gas-assisted cylinders, the bonnet is easy to open and close. The service bay within is large and wide enough to afford great access to three sides of the engine.

Your telescopic handler’s diesel tank is easily accessed and filled from ground level. There’s an integral pre-filter in the filler neck as well, offering protection from dirty fuel.

Hydraulic hoses are intelligently routed through the boom for maximum protection. Steering rams are well out of harm’s way, mounted high on the axle. This protects them from damage and minimises downtime.

Because the 525-60 compact telehandler’s wear pads use a dry lubricant system, they only need servicing every 500 hours (compared to 250 hours on typical competitor machines).

Fluid filters on this machine (engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel) are within easy reach for fast, straightforward servicing. The air filter is easily accessible too, and a double-element construction simplifies cleaning.

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