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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Allcott Hire, one of Australia’s largest independent equipment hire companies, has added another 10 JCB 525-60 C telehandlers to its expanding fleet. According to Alan Edgerton, Procurement Manager at Allcott Hire, the company chose this particular machine because it’s the one that customers ask for the most.

“Our latest purchase of the JCB 525-60 C telehandlers was in response to what our customers want. It’s the one that our customers usually ask for. Its size of 2.5 tonnes will handle most materials on a building site,” said Alan.

After a series of acquisitions, Allcott Hire found itself with a number of different types and brands of machinery so looked to JCB to help unify its fleet. “We wanted to stock an internationally recognised brand and standardise our fleet,” Alan says.

Allcott has over 100 JCB pieces of equipment, making it one of the more prominent brands in the company’s vast range of machinery.

“We’re always looking at expanding. We have an allegiance to JCB CEA so we will work with them,” Alan says. “If we can buy JCB, we will.”

More than 95% of Allcott Hire’s clients are from the building and construction industries, with most projects being residential apartment and commercial buildings. Most of these projects come with strict safety requirements which JCB machines easily meet.

The JCB 525-60 C offers a suite of safety-conscious features, including excellent visibility to the right-hand wheel, a known blind spot on traditional telehandlers due to the low positioning of the boom-pivot point. It also has a low-level sloping bonnet which again boosts visibility, along with cab-mounted front and rear work lights and optional boom-mounted ones.

In addition to meeting strict safety requirements, the machine is also comfortable and easy-to-use. It has a spacious cab with a wide access door, under seat storage, tinted glass to block sun glare and a 7-speed fan. For ease-of-use, the control switches have been carefully laid out and backlit.

Alan says the telehandler is trouble-free and low maintenance, which is a necessity in the hire industry where machines need to be easily serviced and back out the door. Also, thanks to its versatile design, durability and strength, it can work on a number of different kinds of sites, which is another key factor for a hire company.

“From the comments, customers seem very satisfied with the machine,” he says.

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