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Monday, May 1, 2017

When waste management contractor Iolar picked up a new local government contract, they needed a reliable, adaptable wheel loader, so they bought a new JCB 426 HT.

With operations in both consultancy and operational services in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Iolar specialises in waste management, landfill engineering, operational services, environmental management and more.

Patrick Navin, Iolar’s Managing Director, says the JCB 426 HT was his first choice when the business was awarded a contract to provide operational services at the Redcliffe Waste Transfer Station in Queensland.

“When we were awarded the contract to operate the Redcliffe Waste Transfer Station we wanted to add a wheel loader to our fleet that was going to meet the needs of this job,” Patrick says.

“We needed a machine that was going to be both durable and flexible because it was going to be used in various waste management tasks, such as working in the push pit, stockpiling and loading materials.”

Patrick says what impressed him the most about the JCB wheel loader was its tool carrier configuration that offers excellent visibility from the cab to the bucket, which is extremely important when loading trucks through a hole in the floor.
“Redcliffe Waste Transfer Station deals with a variety of materials, from general waste, green waste, through to household paints and chemicals, and asbestos. It’s really important that our operator has maximum visibility when working around the general public and contractors alike. With the JCB 426HT, operators can easily see down the front of the machine to the bucket with ease.”

Iolar currently employs around 45 people and, in addition to the wheel loader, has three JCB backhoes in its growing fleet.
“The relationship with JCB CEA has developed over the past few years. They provide excellent before and after sales service and advice, and we have a great relationship with our territory manager from JCB CEA,” Patrick says.

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