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New JCB 65R-1 Mini Excavator

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The new 65R-1 mini excavator is the latest model to be launched in JCB CEA’s next-generation range of compact excavators, delivering power, durability and multi-functionality perfect for a wide range of applications.

Weighing in at 6.7 tonnes, the JCB 65R-1 is a reduced tail swing excavator that directly replaces the 8065RTS. JCB CEA compact equipment product manager Phil Withell says the 65R-1 is an exciting new product for Australia’s earthmoving and civil construction markets.

This new JCB Mini Excavator is great for many applications

“The next-generation 65R-1 Mini Excavator is the perfect machine, its specification balanced with functional, easy to use features makes it suitable for all applications in the construction, landscaping, civil and DIY markets,” he says.

“The range of new features will make every job quicker, easier and more comfortable for the operator.”

The JCB 65R-1’s digger end is designed to enhance the excavator’s digging and placing performance, with improved geometry for better lifting and loading.

With greasing intervals extended to 500 hours, the machine’s heavy duty kingpost with re-bushable pivots optimises durability and service life.

The new H frame design of the 65R-1’s heavy undercarriage provides stability, strength and rigidity, while the open-centre design allows spoil to fall readily from the carriage.  This reduces cleaning time when moving between sites.

A range of tracks can be specified for the 65R-1. The first machines are set to come with 400mm Bridgestone Pro-Edge rubber tracks, which have a rounded shape at the tip of the embedded core-metal wing. This shape reduces stress along the edge rubber, which typically suffers damage when operators run over kerbs.

“Pro-Edge gives a four-fold improvement over tracks with conventional-shaped core metals,” Phil says.

“The new dozer profile also enhances the 65R-1’s performance. The revised curvature of the blade improves the dozing and material roll performance but minimises soil retention when the blade is raised.”

The 65R-1 is fitted with a new Perkins 35.7kW mechanical injection Stage IIIA engine, which offers two digging modes. The machine automatically starts in Eco mode but can be switched to heavy mode if more power is required.

A new Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic system improves performance, while offering smooth, precise control and balance.

The thumb roller on the right-hand joystick controls the hydraulic flow with 10 selectable flow rates and memory function.  Customers have a choice of dual circuit hydraulics (high and low flow) or just high flow double acting remotes. There is also the option to provide combined flow with the dual circuits providing in excess of 145 litres per minute.

This range of hydraulic options means customers can package the machine to suit their application and budget.

The 65R-1 is also fitted with the JCB Auto-locking hitch, which complies with Australian Standards and the NSW Workcover Position paper on hitches.

Phil says daily service work on the 65R-1 is now much easier due to improved access to service points, which are conveniently located beneath the new 100-percent pressed-steel rear and side bonnets.

“To further reduce routine maintenance the rotary joint, slew motor, swing arm and the cab can be tilted 30 degrees by simply removing two bolts,” he says.

“The 65R-1 also offers a top level of operator comfort and safety. The cab is large and spacious, with full heating and air conditioning options. The seat and controls are independently adjustable to suit each operator.”

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