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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Safety, comfort and versatility have been delivered in a single package with the new JCB1CXT skid steer backhoe loader, which can be operated and driven while facing either the loader or the backhoe, says JCB CEA National Product Manager Glenn McLeod.

Glenn says being able to drive while facing the backhoe will help improve productivity.

“Because the 1CXT can be driven while the operator is facing either direction, there’s no need to spin the seat back around before the machine can be repositioned. This extra convenience can add up to a lot of time on the jobsite,” he says.

The 1CXT has a speed of 7.5kph in both the forward and reverse directions and has a track design that ensures a more stable platform for smoother performance and excellent flotation, particularly over soft or wet terrain.

“The new model has high drive track motors with four rollers to reduce ground pressure contact with the rubber track. It also has a generous 325mm wide track, enabling serious traction while retaining a narrow machine width ideal for tight sites,” Glenn says.

“The added stability means added safety, especially on sloping ground. At product demonstrations we’ve had lots of comments about how safe it feels while pushing up inclines, because it’s at a lower centre of gravity with the tracked weight.”

Like all models in the 1CX range, the 1CXT has in-seat servo controls for full travel loader and backhoe loader functionality and the new model is compatible with existing attachments.

The 1CXT also has access to the cab from the side, a JCB innovation that significantly improves safety and has been adopted across JCB’s SSL range.

“The side entry means operators don’t have to climb over the attachments, so entering the cab is far safer and much easier,” Glenn says.

The 1CXT will suit a wide variety of applications, from civil construction to plumbing, Local Government, concreters, utility and landscaping tasks.

“We’re seeing broad ranging interest because the machine is just so adaptable. Our first Australian model was sold to a commercial builder on the Gold Coast who is over the moon with his purchase, and we are anticipating on going demand.

“When you actually see it in the metal it really does look like a scaled down tracked dozer with the added bonus of an excavator. The 1CXT is going to revolutionise the market when people see what it can do; it’s really like having two machines in one.”

Key Features:
• Compact dimensions of 1.8m wide x 2.38m high
• Lift capability of 665kg
• 2.65m load over height
• Hydraulic track motors – 7.5kph travel speed
• 49hp (36.3kW) Perkins Tier 3, 4 cylinder diesel engine
• Up to 3.08m dig depth with extending dipper
• 45 l/min standard flow hydraulics Or 100 l/min HighFlow hydraulics
• EasyControl (servo) joystick options

Photo Caption: JCB CEA has added a new model to their 1CX range, with the 1CXT delivering on functionality, safety and versatility.

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