JCB filters are designed to work in conjunction with JCB fluids in JCB engines and component systems, to provide the highest standards of cleanliness and performance, providing a comprehensive machine protection solution.

Designed for protecting and maintaining the cleanliness of your system JCB filters ensure:

  • That your JCB filter is thouroughly tested for use in your JCB machine
  • Optimum flow and system efficiency
  • Maximised engine performance and therefore reduced running costs
  • Compliance with emissions legislation
  • Protection from hydraulic, transmission and engine failure due to system contamination

Securing profitability through a challenging economy

JCB Water Separation and Fuel Filtration System

Why choose JCB Fuel Filters?

Microscopic particles and water cause abrasive damage and corrosion to injectors, nozzles and other carburettors, JCB fuel filters eliminate contaminants which get into the fuel system during transportation, storage or refuelling.

The JCB range offers the very best protection for fuel systems; JCB dealers stock the most technologically advanced filter elements, sedimenters, fuel/water separators and remote mount fuel refining systems.

Why choose JCB Water Separation?

The fuel filtration and water separation needs of today’s new generation diesel fuel systems demand extremely high efficiency, flexibility, multiple functions and ease of use with no risk of fuel spills or contaminated parts.

The JCB combined fuel filter/water separator meets these demanding requirements with no tool requirements to service.

Water is probably the single largest enemy of modern diesel fuel systems. The filter elements used by JCB are designed with the latest up to date media to remove both water and particulates. For Tier 4i Stage IIIB engines, filtration will be reduced to just 5 microns.

JCB reliability is second to none

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