The JCB Dieselmax and Ecomax engine range has been designed to give your business performance you can depend on.

We started with a clean sheet of paper and were not only able to ensure the engines core design features would meet future exhaust emissions legislations but we also listened carefully to our customers and have designed our engines to excel in performance, reliability and in field serviceability.

DIESELMAX RECORD BREAKER – The Fastest Diesel in the World

“A triumph for British engineering excellence and teamwork.” That was JCB Chairman Lord Bamford’s conclusion after JCB Dieselmax achieved a stunning 350.092mph (563.418kph) land speed record for diesel-powered cars.The record attempt was initiated by Lord Bamford to showcase the extreme performance capability of the JCB engine which normally powers off-highway equipment for construction, agricultural, industrial and power generation applications.

The record-breaking JCB444-LSR engine displaces 5-litres, weighs 382kg (dry), and produces 750bhp at 3,800rpm and in excess of 1,500Nm of torque at 2,500 rpm. Two engines were used to set the new record at Bonneville Salt Flats USA in August 2006, with a total power output of 1,500bhp. Yet despite having twice the power and more than four times the weight of an F1 car, DIESELMAX had only half the fuel consumption.

The development of the engine has resulted in considerable engineering learning that will influence JCB’s future product strategy and ensure that JCB engines remain at the forefront of technology and performance.

JCB Dieselmax - Record Breaker


JCB Engine Oil

The use of the highest quality base oils, combined with carefully selected additives, ensures that JCB engine oils meet or exceed all relevant internationally recognised standards, so you can be confident of the performance and protection they offer.

As the cost of world oil prices continue to rise there is a strong temptation to choose lower cost alternatives to JCB genuine oils. Before you consider lower cost oils there are several performance and quality criteria that are significantly effected by the quality of your oil.

  • Under low temperature conditions the viscosity level of JCB products were significantly higher than lower cost oils. This means that JCB oil will provide optimum protection during engine start-up, a key time for engine wear protection.
  • JCB oils have a specified level of anti-wear additive required to prevent premature wear/failure of camshafts, pumps, etc. Tests have shown this is up to 25% more additive than lower cost oils.

JCB reliability is second to none

For us it’s about bringing global industry expertise at a local level and giving our customers the assurance that wherever they are in the world, we are there and ready to support their needs.

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