411 HT Wheel Loader

Boasting the very latest JCB Command Plus cab, the new 411 HT wheel loader is built to be strong, reliable and all-day comfy. As a key part of the on-site process, it’s also designed to be supremely productive, offering superb performance without the time-consuming inconvenience of a DPF

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By introducing Command Plus, we’re now able to add best-in-class comfort, visibility, ergonomics and quietness to the numerous other benefits of this wheeled loader. Those benefits include superior serviceability, safety and a whole lot more.

Efficient by Design

The JCB 411 HT wheel loader is designed to move more material for less. To achieve this, we’ve designed the engine, axles, driveline and hydraulics to work in harmony with each other, for ultimate efficiency and durability.


The latest JCB 411 HT wheel loader boast our all-new command plus cab. This unique approach to ergonomics is the result of a radical rethink and a rigorous research programme. Expect best-in-class comfort, visibility, ergonomics and quietness.

Low Maintenance Long Intervals

Wheel loaders need to spend the maximum amount of time hard at work. We’ve designed the 411 HT wheel loader to do just that, with long service intervals and quality components.

Drive Safely

The new 411 HT wheel loader is designed to keep the operator and your worksite safe at all times. Great visibility, non-slip surfaces and full ROPS/FOPS protection are just the start.

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411 HT Wheel Loader features

JCB EcoMAX 4.4 litre Stage IV/ Tier 4 Final engine with no requirement for a DPF
Heavy duty construction to cope with the toughest jobs
4-speed switchable manual/automatic transmission
Latest Command Plus cab design for ultimate operator comfort
Innovative hydraulics provide efficient and high performance operation
DPF-free engine design saves time and money

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