Comments from one of the largest privately owned hire companies in Australia:

“JCB CEA has been working very closely with us to ensure they have stock to suit when a customer needs something special.”

“With JCB CEA we get open communication and a good point of contact. Their techs know our key staff and they’re available at short notice when we need them.”

“We also know that the machines are very reliable. They’re tried and tested. The hire industry is the hardest game there is, with machines going to different worksites and different operators so we need to be sure we can give our customers machines that are sturdy and user friendly.”

Comments from training and accreditation provider to the construction and forklift industry:

“The reason we chose the SSLs from JCB is for safety, because of the set-up. With other skid steers, you have to climb in and out over the bucket, which is very dangerous and slippery.”

“The safety features are certainly paramount, and the quality of the product, too, but it’s also about the quality of the service.”

“We’ve had these machines for six months now, and they haven’t stopped. Luckily they don’t cost a fortune in fuel to run, and we’ve had no down time. The reliability has been excellent.”

Comments from Telehandler customer providing services to Road construction industry:

“It’s a family company, and that makes a big difference I think. The attitude seems to be that their customers become part of the family. They make a high quality machine and they really do stand behind their products. That’s the reason we went with them.”

Comments from Queensland based Civil pipework contractors:

“JCB CEA is highly proactive, which is one of the features we most value about them. They liaise directly with our workshop supervisor on topics from maintenance scheduling to managing any emerging fleet issues and updating reporting. They’re also happy to work on site to keep our machines up and running, which is very valuable to us. “

We’re also very committed to taking a proactive approach to every aspect of our business, from machinery and maintenance to safety and management structure, and these qualities are also important to JCB CEA.

Communication is very open and the team has done a great job of keeping us up to date on proposed schedules and upcoming JCB product launches.”

Safety is absolutely paramount in our business. Our customers expect and deserve a genuine commitment to safety. For us that includes machine specs that go beyond the bare minimum – we spec our machines above industry standard, like internal and external isolation switches, UHF’s, handrails, etc, and JCB CEA has been central to helping us achieve that.”