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Thursday, November 17, 2016

This article was written by Ron Horner of

When I was a young and aspiring operator, I could not wait to get my bum in the seat of any machine at any time to take up the challenge of a new piece of equipment to test my skills.

As I gained experienced and had proven expertise on particular equipment, I tended to avoid some items of gear such as the old International Hough 100 loaders, Wabco scrapers, and some open-cab and cable blade dozers … too bloody rough and/or dusty. I preferred the comfort of a good old excavator any day.


Is it a backhoe or a skid steer? It’s both

A severe workplace accident some years ago means that the older I get, the more I avoid anything that will knock my aging and aching body about. Top on the list are skid steer and compact track loaders.

So imagine how I felt when I answered the phone one day and the editor asked the question I most dread: “Ronnie … do you think you could have a look at a skid steer for us, please?” Bugger!

What Dave was talking about was the JCB 1CXT, a compact backhoe loader with tracks, which the UK company refers to as “the world’s first skid steer backhoe”.

Construction Equipment Australia has the distributorship for JCB in Queensland, and the Brisbane yard is a mere 100km away from my property, so I was intrigued enough to head down there and check out the dreaded skid steer loader.

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